I was inspired to write this online journal by a line from Citizen Kane, arguably the best film ever made, or is it just the best American film ever made these days?

Anyway, the young Charles Foster Kane writes to his guardian Walter Parks Thatcher, that he “thinks it would be fun to run a newspaper” and whilst most of us couldn’t dream to be able to afford the costs involved in running an actual newspaper like Kane’s New York Daily Inquirer we can effectively do just that courtesy of Word Press and the World Wide Web.

Unlike Charles Foster Kane I have no political aspirations, I shan’t be practising “Yellow Journalism” here but I hope you find the content otherwise colourful, pertinent and vital. There is no rigid agenda or prevailing topic, but expect to see film reviews and criticism, with a proclivity towards cinema’s Auteurs, balanced by a love of Cult TV Series, Broadway and the exponents of 20th Century Classical and 1960s Pop music equally.

I shall also be sharing my amusing anecdotes and curious experiences of writing for the cinema and the Herculean task I undertook in trying to produce my own works in this highly precarious and unpredictable industry.

Please feel free to engage and comment on this site as I never intended for it to operate in a vacuum; I want to hear from all of you!

Steve Exeter
Editor, Online-Inquirer